The doodling resumes. Playing in Sketchbook Express..’tis interesting. Hmm. 
Hello friends! :)

Trying out new software! Just a little miffed right now bc it somehow chopped off some heads when I saved a file. :/

If ya’ll aren’t following my amazing roommate & friend, gridbattles, you are wrong. Cause she posts way more than me and that shit’s so good. 

videov0mit said: hey!! i saw your doodle of ghost, it was awesome! i love him ahah awesome work

Thank you! hahaha I’m so behind on everything now, but I was definitely digging thunderbolts back in the day!

HI-RES it please. 
Hey guys. :) Meet my boyfriend. He’s a stud. hahaha
I painted this as a Valentine’s Day gift to him. It’s just been sitting in my drafts since then. 
187 / 365
186 / 365
185 / 365
184 / 365

Anonymous said: hi jeannn beans its viet

hiiiiiii vietttt :)