Q: Feels like I haven't heard from you in a million years! How about The Spirit?

I know! D: School has eaten me alive, and my tumblr has been sorely neglected. Not that I haven’t been wasting hours scrolling, just haven’t gotten around to updating. 

Not a very good doodle, but a doodle nonetheless-The Spirit!image

Keep the requests coming!

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Q: hey!! i saw your doodle of ghost, it was awesome! i love him ahah awesome work

Thank you! hahaha I’m so behind on everything now, but I was definitely digging thunderbolts back in the day!

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Q: hi jeannn beans its viet

hiiiiiii vietttt :) 

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So yeah, sorry guys, art has been lagging ‘cause I’ve been spending all my time getting things ready for this trip! Gotta whip out a paper, finish a midterm and a giant CS homework packet before I fly out. But worry not, artsy things shall soon follow. Gonna hit up comic book stores there and finally pick up new Uncanny X-Force. What what. ALSO. I’M FREAKING OUT. :) 

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